Migration, Set of Sea Creatures, Saw Shark, Stingray, Seal & Penguin, Animal Figures

Vendor: Migration
Our brand has been in the making of this set for a while to make the BEST of the BEST set just for you! We have created a set that...


$ 10.99

Our brand has been in the making of this set for a while to make the BEST of the BEST set just for you! We have created a set that will last years, will be loved for long and is always fun and educational to play with - with a budget friendly price point! This set appeals to younger & older, Encourages creativity, will last you, is great for schools and for homes, is easily accessible, and the best part is - it brings family and friends together! This set encourages sharing, play, and develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It allows your creativity and imagination to explore.

  • Set Features: Saw Shark, Stingray, Seal & Penguin - Hand painted
  • Measurements: Stingray 4 1/2" Saw Shark 5 1/2", Seal 5", Penguin 3".
  • Designed with detailed structure- Sea Creatures look life-like. Ideal for ages 3+
  • Encourages creativity & Play - Enriches children's imagination - Educational & Fun
  • Perfect for animal lovers - Safety tested & approved - Ideal for schools & homes - LET'S PLAY!

EMPEROR PENGUIN is found on and around the Antarctic continent. The black and white with yellow ear-spots and a orange-yellow strip. Their black, clawed feet are also webbed to help them when swimming. They have black and white fur skin and eat fish, krill and squid. They live between 15-50 years.

SEAL tends to be found in colder waters in many places around the world. Many species of seal inhabit waters in the northern hemisphere and are often found in coastal waters. Seals are black, tan, white & brown and have smooth skin. Seals are highly carnivorous marine animals that primarily hunt fish, squid and crustaceans. They live between 15-25 years.

STINGRAY The stingray is a flat marine fish found in warmer waters around the globe. The stingray preys on a wide variety of species in the sea including crabs, mollusks, clams, oysters, snails and some species of fish. The stingray's stinger is razor-sharp, barbed or serrated and attached to the stingray's thin tail. They whip their prey. Sting Rays are gray and white and have scale skin. They live between 15-25 years old.

SAW SHARKS have blade-like snouts edged with teeth, which they use to slash and disable their prey. Come from South Africa to Australia and Japan & depths of the Bahamas. Saw shark diet consists of various types of fish, crustaceans and squids. They live over 15 years.

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