Migration, Set of Safari Mammals, Giraffe & Zebra, Animal Figures

Vendor: Migration
Our brand has been in the making of this set for a while to make the BEST of the BEST set just for you! We have created a set that...


$ 19.99

Our brand has been in the making of this set for a while to make the BEST of the BEST set just for you! We have created a set that will last years, will be loved for long and is always fun and educational to play with - with a budget friendly price point! This set appeals to younger & older, Encourages creativity, will last you, is great for schools and for homes, is easily accessible, and the best part is - it brings family and friends together! This set encourages sharing, play, and develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It allows your creativity and imagination to explore.

  • Set Features: 2 Giraffes, Adult & Baby and 2 Zebras- Hand painted.
  • Giraffe measures 5'' & 3" -Zebra measures 4" each - Animals look lifelike.
  • Designed with detailed structure - Each Zebra & Giraffe stands on its own - Ideal for ages 3+
  • Encourages creativity & Play - Enriches children's imagination - Educational & Fun
  • Perfect for animal lovers - Safety tested & approved - Ideal for schools & homes - LET'S PLAY!

ZEBRA is a large species of equine that is natively found roaming the grassy plains of sub-Saharan Africa. They are the largest and most distinctive wild horses with bodies that are patterned with white and black stripes. They have hairy skin. Zebras are heavy bodied animals that are perfectly designed for speed with their long and slender legs and narrow hooves helping them to reach speeds of 40kph when running. Their black and white stripes are unique to each individual and help them to identify each other when in the herd. The Zebra only eats plant-matter in order to gain the nutrition. The majority of the Zebra's diet is comprised of a wide variety of different grasses with other plant matter including leaves and buds making up the rest. They use their sharp front teeth to nibble on the tough ends of grasses before grinding them up using the flat molars along it's cheeks. They live 20-30 years.

GIRAFFE is a long-necked, hoofed mammal that is found grazing in the open woodlands of sub-Saharan Africa. The Giraffe has an enormously long neck which allows it to exploit the leaves and vegetation that are too high up for other animals to find. They eat mostly leaves, fruits, seeds. During the hot midday sun, Giraffes rest in more shaded regions where they regurgitate their food known as cud. They live up to 20-25 years.

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