Migration, Set of Lion Family, Tiger, Cheetah & Lion-Adults & Cub, Animal Figures

Vendor: Migration
Our brand has been in the making of this set for a while to make the BEST of the BEST set just for you! We have created a set that...


$ 11.99

Our brand has been in the making of this set for a while to make the BEST of the BEST set just for you! We have created a set that will last years, will be loved for long and is always fun and educational to play with - with a budget friendly price point! This set appeals to younger & older, Encourages creativity, will last you, is great for schools and for homes, is easily accessible, and the best part is - it brings family and friends together! This set encourages sharing, play, and develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It allows your creativity and imagination to explore.

  • Set Features: Lion, Tiger & Cheetah Adult & Cub- Hand painted
  • Adult Lion measures 4" and Lioness 4 1/2" -They look lifelike
  • Designed with detailed structure - Ideal for ages 3+
  • Encourages creativity & Play - Enriches children's imagination - Educational & Fun
  • Perfect for animal lovers - Safety tested & approved - Ideal for schools & homes - LET'S PLAY!

LIONS live in Africa and even parts of Europe and Asia, the world's remaining. Lion ranges from blonde, to red, brown and black in colour and covers their head, neck and chest. Lions have strong and powerful jaws. They prey on Buffalo, Wildebeest and even Giraffe. The lions are mostly tawny, gold, blonde and brown. They have furry skin and live between 8-15 years.

CHEETA is a large and powerful feline that was once found throughout Africa and Asia and even in parts of Europe. The Cheetah has a long and slender body that is covered in coarse yellowish fur and dotted with small black spots.They mainly hunt large herbivores including Gazelle and a number of large Antelope species such as Wildebeest, along with Zebras. They live between 10-12 years.

TIGER The tiger is the most powerful of all the big cats, and is native to east and southern Asia. They live in dense tropical forests. Tigers are generally orange with black stripes although it's common to get tigers with white and sandy colored markings. They are one of the fastest animals. They prey deer, cattle & wild boar. They live 18-25 years.

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